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Submitted on
March 27, 2009


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Not too many changes from the last one, I think... A bit of changes regarding additional characters and backgrounds and soft shading and the paintings category has been removed (I REALLY don't think I'm good enough for that), and replaced with Bust Paintings. Because I'm okay with those. *laughs* Yup, there's a bust option now.

Sketched-- The Scythe Collector by Crispy-Gypsy Prom Night by Crispy-Gypsy Creed by Crispy-Gypsy
Single Character, Simple Background: $5
Additional Characters: $3 each
Complex Background: $5

Inked -- All we are sayin... by Crispy-Gypsy Ride 'em, cowgirl by Crispy-Gypsy
Single Character, Simple background: $10
Additional Characters: $5 each
Complex Background: $7

Cel Shaded -- F you, Cabron, I'm a dragon by Crispy-Gypsy Larceny is in the Genes by Crispy-Gypsy
Single Character, Simple background: $15
Additional Characters: $7 each
Complex Background: $10

Soft Shaded -- Gaga Ooh La la by Crispy-Gypsy Braiding by Crispy-Gypsy
Single Character, Simple background: $25
Additional Characters: $10 each
Complex Background: $10

Bust --
Sketch: $3…
Inked: $5
Cel-shaded: $7
Soft-shaded: $10
Painting: $15…
2.5"x8.5" bookmarks --
See here:…

IF THERE IS ANY SPECIFIC STYLE/ETC THAT YOU'RE NOT SURE IS APPLIED IN THE ABOVEMENTIONED, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK! Feel free to point out any specific piece in my gallery as an example, that might help me a little.

Methods of Payment:

Paypal is probably the best way and my primary way of receiving payment. I frown on mail-in payments because there's higher risk involved, but if you really really want one for whatever reason, I have taken cash/check/money order before.


If commissions are open and you are interested, send me a note (or an email if a note is somehow not possible) with the following:
*A description of what you had in mind
*The type of commission/media that you want it done in
*Your email address

Once I accept the commission (chances are I will, unless there are circumstances regarding things like content or any other roadblocks), you can either send the money via paypal or via mail-in, paypal preferred. I will not start working on the piece until payment is received. Typically it's full payment, but if the piece is large enough, we can do it in halves, but on principal, I can't really start working until I have money in hand.

If needed, requested, or on a bigger piece, I can send thumbnailed plans for the piece that are chosen from before starting. I will send progress shots at regular enough intervals during the course of work up until it's finished.

I'll note/email a copy of the piece to be given the thumbs up, and unless there are any final adjustments, I'll send a high resolution jpeg to the provided email. I don't post commissions unless permission is given, so of course there's that too.


Up to 3 free moderate-major revisions on the piece in its later stages; after that point, we negotiate a price for further work. This is an uncommon occurrence, but just as a precaution, if you have a clear image of what you want, try to be as specific as possible in your description. Thank you!

If you need the piece done by a certain point in time, it's possible to put your piece as priority for a fee. Negotiable, depending on circumstances and the commissioner's spot on the list, just include it in the note!

Any questions or commissions or what not, please note me! Thank you!
-Crispy xoxox

EDIT: Forgot about sketches! Added them...
EDIT 2: Added examples of pieces--Bust stuff is incomplete because I haven't done busts yet, really. The examples are pulled from work I have on devART already.
EDIT 3: Added a few more things and details, including bookmarks.
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XD I can draw anything as long as it's not porn.
CycloneNinja Jul 15, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Awwwwesome. It's gonna be Clopin fanservice, when I finally get Paypal. :3
XDDD I'm good with that, I've done THAT before.
CycloneNinja Jul 15, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Ok, good :) All else fails, I'll send you cash or something.

And I read your last journal entry: I hope your school fees get paid D:
Monies needed.

Once aqquired, oh there will be commsions....
Linyxx Jun 22, 2010
omg~!~!!! I wanna commision you soooo badly~!! D: D:

Don't worry i'lll buy your commission soon! :D
StephDragonness Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
would comish with too?
Um...I'm sorry, could you clarify?
StephDragonness Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist

do comish with points too?
Ah, sorry, I'm afraid not :C
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